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Arizona Pickers – What’s Hot

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“It kind of goes in cycles,” says professional antique appraiser Anastacia Siembieda. “A few years ago, rosewood pottery was the hot item. Now it’s Fiestaware from the 50’s. You’ve got to keep up!” Some other hot collectibles today, according to Siembieda:
• Vintage jewelry, purses and compacts. “Don’t be afraid to ask at a yard sale, ‘Do you have any old jewelry?’ Sometimes the best stuff doesn’t get put out.”
• Designer clothes from the 70’s, or from now-defunct local department stores like Goldwater’s. “You can make a lot of money selling that stuff online now.”
• Perennial classic toys like Lionel trains and Barbie dolls. “But they don’t even have to be that old. Cabbage Patch dolls have pretty good value today.”
• Signed pieces of costume jewelry. “Like the old Sarah Coventry necklaces your mother used to wear. Eisenberg is good, too, but harder to find.”
• Vintage shoes. “Shoes are very overlooked. But you can get a good price on ’em.”
• Books, especially history and sci-fi. “With book stores disappearing, old books are hot again.”
• Religious items, especially rosaries, statues and prayer books. “If I get hold of old rosaries, they’re gone in a second. Catholics, especially, are reclaiming these things.”
• Any old postcards having to do with cowboys, westerns, Halloween and Christmas. “But especially Halloween now. I found a lot of German Halloween cards in Prescott, and was able to sell them for $100 each.”
• Hummels. “They’re back! They were dead for years, because the older people got rid of them. But now there’s a new generation that are liking them again.”
• Clothing from the 70’s. “All that stuff I couldn’t stand from the 70’s, the college kids are getting into now. Hey, as long as they think that’s antique, I’ve still got my Calvin Klein jeans in the closet!”


Written by Jimmy

November 29, 2012 at 5:59 am

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